What does a floating element do in CSS? How do you float an element?

What does a floating element do in CSS? How do you float an element? 

What does floating element do in CSS? How do you float an element?


we can float an element to the left or right but only applies to the element that generates a box that is not absolutely positioned. Any element that follows the float property may have one of three values.

Values & description:

Left: The element float on the left side of the containing block.

right: The element floats on the right side of the containing block.

none: Removes the float property from an element.

How Elements Float

Float element is shifted left or right side of container and elements are floated horizontally which means an element can only be floated left or right not up or down.

If several floating elements are placed collectively (in the form of a class, id, div etc)then they will float next to each other.

Example of single floating element:


Example of collective floating element:


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