Explain different form widget created with input tag.

Explain different form widget created with <input> tag.


different types of input tag are:

text : used to take text input
syntax:<input type="text">

search : used to create search box
syntax : <input type="search">

url : used to take url input
syntax:<input type="url">

email: used to take only email format input.
syntax:<input type="email">

tel: used to take teliphone no input i.e 10 digit input.
syntax:<input type="tel">

password: used to take password input
syntax:<input type="password">

datetime: used to take date and time input.
syntax:<input type="datetime">

date: used to take date input.
syntax:<input type="date">.

month: used to take month input (jan,feb,mar etc)
syntax:<input type="month">

week: used to take day input(mon, tue, sun)
syntax:<input type="week">

time: use to take time as input
syntax:<input type="time">

number: used to take number as input
syntax:<input type="number">

button:used to create button input
syntax:<input type="button">

radio: used to create a radio button in which one can be select from two
syntax:<input type="radio">

checkbox:used to create check box.
syntax:<input type="checkbox">

file:used to take file input
syntax:<input type="file">

image: used to take image input.
syntax:<input type="image">

submit:used to create submit button for submiting values.
syntax:<input type="submit">

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