What is Spring Boot

 What is Spring Boot

What is Spring Boot

Spring Framework provides Features such as:

1. Working with POJO( Plane Java Object)
2. Dependency Injection
3. MVC (Model View Controller)
5. Batch
6. Data
7. AOP
Spring framework can be integrated with other frameworks like hibernate & strut.

but when we work with the spring framework we have to manage lots of jars and various configurations that's where the problem starts for developers because we want to focus more on development not on configuration and jar management so Spring boot comes into the picture.

Spring boot is not a replacement for Spring we still use Spring, Spring boot just gives us the automation where all the jar is managed and configuration is done automatically (we can say that spring boot gives us a production-ready application).

Let's take some scenario
1. Suppose we are developing a web application and we are not using spring boot we are using simple spring so what we need is Hardware, OS, and a server ( Tomcat ) to deploy and a War file which we deploy on the server. If we are using spring boot then we don't have to do all these in spring boot we have an embedded Tomcat server and we can deploy our app in JVM only.

Spring boot provides starter projects like Spring-boot-starter-web, Spring-boot-starter-JDBC, etc.
Spring boot does the auto-configuration but if we want to modify configuration we can do this in an application. properties which will be available inside the resource folder.

Difference Between Spring & Spring boot

1. Spring boot use spring only but with various automation and auto-configuration which help developer to develop application without bothering about configuration and jar management Spring boot also provide starter project

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